Is the Revenue Tool an accounting package?

No. While the Revenue Tool will give you a snapshot of your current financial performance, it's key function is to simulate growth scenarios. It is not intended for, nor should be used as, a substitute for proper accounting.

Is the Revenue Tool an excel spreadsheet?

Yes. The Revenue Tool is developed on the Excel platform, and programmed with formulas, and in the case of the Ultimate package, ratios developed over many years into a platform designed to simulate growth scenarios for your business.

What program do I need to open the Revenue Tool?

In order to use the Revenue Tool, you need Microsoft Excel.

Is the Revenue Tool a projection?

The Revenue Tool simulates growth scenarios based on your current and developing product line, and allows you to project future revenues.

How is the Revenue Tool different than a business plan?

The Revenue Tool is the basis of a business plan - it will show the potential your business has to grow, and inform strategies you take, and plans you write, to achieve that potential.

Will the Revenue Tool help me find investors?

Investors generally are interested in financial performance and potential of a company, and you can use data in the Revenue Tool to help illustrate your business performance and potential to investors. Of course, having the Revenue Tool does not guarantee investment in your company.

Do I need to have experience in accounting to use the Revenue Tool?

No! The Revenue Tool is meant for business owners, and is simple enough for those with no accounting or business background to use. It is intuitive, and meant to facilitate your understanding of your business.

Does the Revenue Tool work for the service industry?

Yes! The Revenue Tool is made for any business to use, whether product or service based.